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MorphList (formerly SlideList, aka Fancy Menu) is a tiny MooTools plugin to animate lists of objects with a morphing background. It’s incredibly flexible, yet it only has a couple dozens lines of code.


  • 0.1: First release
  • 0.2: MooTools 1.2 compatible
  • 0.3: Now alters morphs width/height/top properties by default
  • 0.4: Morphing code now part of the function and not of the event.
  • 0.5: setOpacity changed to fade(‘show’) so that visibility css is altered.
  • 0.6: ‘left’ class changed to ‘inner’, background options now can be passed in constructor. removed ‘on’ on fireEvent calls
  • 0.7: setCurrent and morphTo can be chained


Sites using it

and many more which I can’t remember now!


After being published on Devthought, the javascript community ported it to other popular frameworks:


Click here to get the latest version. Works with MooTools 1.2 only.

About Guillermo Rauch:

CTO and co-founder of LearnBoost / Cloudup (acquired by Automattic in 2013). Argentine living in SF.