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On Monday I had the pleasure of speaking once again at NodeConf in Portland. On this glorious second edition, several talks were dedicated to the topic of realtime, covering angles such as its inception and future, scalability, backend messaging and more.

Mikeal requested that I talk about the state of Socket.IO, now one of the corner stones of the so-called realtime web and one of the most popular JavaScript projects on GitHub at the time of writing. Those familiar with the project know that stability and reliability are the commanding goals of all the ongoing work towards 1.0.

These goals are largely attained by the introduction of a new library, whose first release was announced at the conference: Engine.IO.

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As a conference curator and fellow argentinian, and due to the lack of any reports in English, I thought I’d share a brief summary of a very unfortunate occurrence: Richard Stallman, father of the FSF, had his bag containing his laptop, medicine, money and passport stolen after his talk at the University of Buenos Aires on Friday, June 8.

Despite his controversial views on a variety of topics, his evangelism work all over the world is a true inspiration for countless people. Almost a decade ago, as I was getting fully immersed in the world of Unix and programming, I sneaked out of school to watch the genius who created GCC, GDB, emacs deliver a compelling presentation in flawless spanish.

Stallman and me in a similar presentation in Buenos Aires, ~8 years ago

His presentation back then was followed by a ritual that was repeated yesterday: anyone in the audience could walk up to him, exchange a few words, get a sticker and a picture. Unfortunately, on this occasion someone decided to take advantage of the ruckus and take his bag.

Shortly after he realized his bag was gone, according to Partido Pirata, Stallman found himself in utter despair, cursing out loud. The report goes on to convey the truly heartbreaking image of a hopeless RMS sitting at the university staircase, crying.

As a result of this occurrence, he was forced to cancel his talk in Cordoba, and it’s still unknown how this will impact the rest of his speaking engagements throughout the world.

For the rest of us who also do fair amounts of traveling and speaking, more than ever is it important to emphasize that it is not just cyber-crime we should watch out for.

Update: it was clarified to me that force was not used during the occurrence and I therefore updated the title to reflect this.

At LearnBoost, I wrote a project that sits on the intersection between two of my passions: code and education.

The basic premise is that with one command you can stream your terminal to the world, and record it as a video for later. You can make lessons interactive by streaming and chatting at the same time.

Check it out:!

I just created a module named console-trace that does one very simple yet very useful thing: prepend the line number and filename to console calls.

To leverage it you just need to require('console-trace') and prepend a flag:

console.t.log('Test'); // shorthand

You can learn about a few other options in the GitHub repository.

I’m very proud to announce, the first of its kind in South America! Check out our website and sign up to learn when the first tickets will be on sale (follow us on Twitter as well!).

We’ve confirmed a gorgeous venue that will host our 2-day event on May 19th and 20th. Expect to not just learn from the best international and local speakers, but to take home an unforgettable experience. We are bringing all the excitement and energy from JSConf US and JSConf EU here to Argentina.

I want to thank Chris Williams, Mikeal Rogers & the whole JSConf gang for encouraging me and helping me take this event to my home country. On this end, none of this would have come together without Vulsai, a great local media agency who met this idea with great enthusiasm and reached out to help.

Nos vemos pronto!

During my search, I found two interesting patents on a process which is mathematically impossible: compression of random data.

Jean-loup Gailly, Author of Gzip on software patents

About Guillermo Rauch:

CTO and co-founder of LearnBoost / Cloudup (acquired by Automattic in 2013). Argentine living in SF.