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My Dock

Want to have Wave as a standalone application, with a badge that reflects the number of unread waves?
Follow these steps:

  1. Download the excellent
  2. Run it and create a new application like this:

    Launch and create it like this

    Download the icon I used here and make sure to select it in the appropriate dialog dropdown.

  3. Launch the application. When Wave loads for the first time, it’ll think you’re using an unsupported browser. This is not true, since is Webkit-based. Disregard this message and press continue. Google will remember this setting.
  4. To get the badge count functionality, I developed this userscript. Unzip it, go to the Google Wave applications, find the plugins menu and click Browser Usersripts Folder. Drop the file there and then make sure it’s enabled.

    Plugins menu

  5. One last useful setting for any you create is to make sure it doesn’t unload the website when you press ⌘ + W. Make sure only hides the window is checked:

    Fluid application settings


Wicked! Thanks for that, already got it spinning in the nice HUD mode:

    Jason said

    How did you do that?!

    Joel said

    In your google wave fluid app:
    Preferences -> Appearance -> Window style -> select HUD

ryaninc said

This is a great tip, thanks! On an unrelated note, your website looks awesome. I absolutely LOVE the clouds effect at the top. I love it even more that it’s not Flash based. You should write a tutorial for creating it on other websites. Major props!

Dan Palmer said

Thanks, now i just have to get a wave invite. Also, I have always wondered how the dock badge on Fluid could be changed so I may edit your script every now and again to use in new SSBs I create. I hope you don’t mind!

I can’t wait to start using Wave!

Intresting, this was actually a very great read! thanks

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Leandro said

Awesome, thank you!

Jack said

Found your page through a Twitter account on Wave – followed your instructions, and can’t thank you enough for this great guide! Appreciate the effort!

alexolma said

Does the userscript still works? Tried it successfully in the beginning, now there is no counter anymore.

I would like to use also the ‘Wave Growl’ –

Thanks for your work!

Chris Mear said

Thanks for the write-up, particularly the nice icon and userscript!

francois said

Very useful page and advices. I still fail to log in wave (Whatever the URL I use I get to google apps or I got a message my account is not active.

Interestingly I have no prob log-in in wave thru firefox.

Any idea?

    rod said

    I’m having the same problem. Has anyone figured this one out? I just get a page that says my account hasn’t been activated for Wave yet…but it has. I’ve tried being logged in on Safari (hoping the cookie would be shared), but no luck.

Evan said

Thanks for your share. This is a brilliant tip working with Wave.

@i0n said

Thanks very much for the App icon. Script is a bonus, much appreciated! Now if only I could actually find some people to talk to on Wave….

IDIUX said

Great article, thanks! A couple of minor notes… instead of “click Browser Usersripts Folder” as indicated in your instructions it should read “click Open Userscripts Folder” (possibly being confused with the adjacent option “Browse”). Also, once you have placed the script file in the Userscripts folder you need to click “Reload All Userscripts” in order for it to be listed in the scripts menu.

cerry said

Hey if anyone did not get his google wave invite . You can get from here am feeling lucky that i got one from there

emiliana said

fluid sais:
Operation could not be completed. Permission denied

emiliana said

i see
My OSX language is Spanish. changing “aplications” (default location name in fluid) for “aplicaciones” I could create the software. Thank you very much. ❤

Jane Wepomatix said

What about WP-o-matic 1.5? Did you forget to release that one? The version we have still makes numerous multiple duplicate posts Can you at least get a fix for that if you are never releasing the 1.5?

heyudude said

It didn’t work immediately, It opened my default browser in stead of the Fluid app.

You have to use the following link for the URL in fluid::

Thanks for the tip!

    GiGi said

    Perfect. My app wouldn’t remember to go on with an unsupported browser, but with this link it works. Great :-)

heyudude said

I did not work immediately, the default browser was started when I used ignore.

This link as URL worked:

Thanks for this tip!

Sebastian said

Thank you. My Google Wave experience just got a lot better.

Vano said

Thanks a lot for this very good tutorial !!!

Eric said

My Fluid Wave install insists on opening all links back in Firefox, my default browser. I double-checked that my Behavior Preferences in Fluid match your screenshot above.

Any thoughts?

Igor said

Is it just me , but fluid google wave is using loads of memory!

I was looking at memory usage and I noticed that it starts with 256 mb of memory and then it is just climbing up up to even 400 mb.

I am running snow leopard,

    Tylo said

    Yep. Same here. Mine immediately skyrockets into 530mb usage.

,..] is one another nice source of information on this topic,..]

Stephen said

I am not having any luck. It was working before. Then I drag a music file onto it, which broke this. Now all it loads is a about:blank page. Help! I use Wave for work and this is an invaluable tool!

    Guillermo Rauch said

    Go to View > Show Toolbar. Point the URL again to

jd808 said

I have everything up and running but whenever I click on a wave, it will always open up in Safari which is my default browser. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Any ideas??

    Guillermo Rauch said

    No idea. Try going to preferences, and check the list of URLs.

Thanks for the instructions, userscript and icon, all works great.

Даа… В некоторые жизненные моменты волосы могут шевелиться и не только на голове :)

Your thoughts?

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