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The plugin

Not only the new version fixes dozens of bugs, it also ships with impressive new features that will blow your mind (and your blog readers) away.

Some of them are:

  • Plugins support. You’ll be able to install them with only one click.
  • Cross-platform. Guaranteed to work flawlessly on every hosting and setup scenario.
  • Ajax campaign processing. Process your campaign with a neat progress bar, right from the admin panel, asynchronously.
  • … and 27 more!.

The website

WP-o-Matic will be hosted at its own website, where a new community will be born. Some of the toys it comes with:

  • Community forums
  • Wiki
  • Plugins repository

And a few more surprises :)

WP-o-Matic 1.5 is the result of lots of hard work, feedback analysis and testing. I look forward to hearing your comments and expectations. Stay tuned for the grand opening.


Alex said

Here’s a question-

Will 1.5 contain the ability to only pull excerpts from articles? I’d like a way to prevent it from pulling the entire article- Maybe the first 500 characters or so.

    Guillermo Rauch said

    Yes, and lots of other customization options

Federico said

Thanks for this great plugin. Nice to hear WP-O-Matic will come with its own website and forum. Now I repeat in this comment the question I emailed you a few minutes ago (sorry I did not check this new post).
Does WP-O-Matic have the ability to post different items, got from the same feed source, posted in different categories?
For example, I need to add the same ‘General feed’ to two different campaigns/categories (A and B). In category A I need to post ONLY items from ‘General feed’ related to category A, in category B only items from ‘General feed’ related to category B.
Now, unfortunately, if I add the same ‘General feed’ to two different campaigns/categories, I have the same items published in both categories.
Is there a way of hacking the plugin or WordPress to get it working like in my example?

Alexander said

Thanks for the nice work Guillermo. Do you have an exact release date (are we talking days from now or a couple of weeks) ?

Stanley said

Hi! Nice plugin!

When using the next_post_link or previous_post_link tags on single.php, previous or next posts don’t display because all posts have the exact same time stamp.

Is there anyway that the time stamp could be different for each post created from an RSS feed?

James said

Question on the upcoming 1.5, will this allow to retrieve the full content from the url in the feed?

    Guillermo Rauch said


Anna said

Hi, I have just started using your plugin. WOW! You are awesome. I was literally looking for something like this for months and months.

I have a question, or maybe its a feature request. But I can wait until you open your forum if you want.

Its simply – under the “Options” for a feed, it says “Post title links to source?” and a checkbox. I want to post links to source but also have them open in a new window! Can I modify the plugin to add a target=”_blank” in there somewhere?

Or if you would prefer, I can shut up and wait for your new release and forum. :)

    Guillermo Rauch said

    Anna, you can do that easily by editing your template files. Some of the ones you’ll most likely be editing: single.php, index.php, search.php. Wait till we launch the site if you need further assistance!

dh said

When will 1.5 be released?? In the current version I get an error trying to do RegEx rewrites.

Great news man, its already a hell of a great plugin. Great idea to give it its own website and community. Keep up the great work !

Chris said

Is their an ETA on the 1.5 release? as I have to say I love wp-o-matic it’s just missing a few small things i’d love to see but cant wait to see what 1.5 brings…

Did you open up for suggestions I didnt really see… one i had was to specify thumbnail custom name’s so that we can automaticlaly have feeds work with the nicer themes, also i havent really dove into things much but does wp-o-matic support local copies of multiple images from feeds instead of hotlinking?

that and the ability to show thumbnails of the images from the feeds with links to the full size local copies, would really be spectacular.

ideala2 said

Hey, WP-o-Matic was everything I was looking for, and more… so I’m chuffed to have found it, so thanks a million.

I do seem to have one problem where the feeds aren’t updating themselves, though perhaps I need to be logged in more often – even if just to understand whats happening. I look forward to 1.5 and the support site.

Luca said

Nice plugin, and my compliments for your web site’s graphic!

James said

Just a really annoying bug in the current version of wp-o-matic (ok, well maybe it isn’t a bug, but it does rob the plugin of almost all its needed functionality). I set up a campaign to pull posts from another blog authored by some of my writers to make it easier to sync our posts (vs. manually posting both places). I don’t want it to pull all the posts they have ever written on that blog, only the one or two most recent. However, if you tell wp-o-matic to pull only two posts, it takes the oldest two not the most recent two. Can you change this? I’m using version 1.0RC4-6

    Guillermo Rauch said

    Pull all the posts, then remove all of them but the last 2. Then set it to fetch only 2 at the time, and it’ll work fine. WP-o-Matic works by fetching all of the entries the feed offers. Maybe we can add a feature to ask how many to fetch the first time.

John said

This is an excellent plugin.

Feature request: create posts only when feed item contains/does not contain a specified word or phrase, and to be able to specify multiple words/phrases eg I only want it to create a post if feed item contains ‘foo’ and/or doesn’t contain ‘bar’

Look forward to the new site.

Hi Guillermo.

Thank you for the great plugin. You’ve made so many lives easy with blogging work.

Please tell me how to rewrite the link to open in a new window rather than in the blog itself. will this feature be included in your new version, I’m sure you will certainly do it.

Wishing you every success.

Alfred Fernandes

Eric said

Looking forward to wp-o-matic 1.5 more than I look forward to christmas ! Thanks for the best plugin e-v-e-r

Josh Giese said

This is awesome. I love your plugin. I’m really looking forward to the next version. Please keep up the good work.

Dan said

Hi – I am trying your WP-o-Matic plugin in WP 2.7.1
It appears it will not fetch a feed and create the posts? For instance I installed this feed:
Is this the correct feed format or did I do something wrong? Thanks in advance.

    Hi Dan,

    I can read the feed in my browser so it looks OK

    I’ve just re-built a blog using WP 2.7.1 and feedwordpress plugin I used when the blog was WP 2.6 doesn’t even display the list of feeds – so you can’t create or edit them – that’s why I’m looking at WP-O-Matic

    when I started searching for info on WP 2.7.1 I found lots of questions from people who wanted to downgrade to a working version – lots of problems with plugins running with WP 2.7.1

    WP 2.7 will probably work OK – several people said their themes and plugins worked when they downgraded to WP 2.7

Patiently awaiting 1.5!

OK, not so patient–how much longer?

xony said

Is possible “link to source” into the post? Thanks

xony said

Its possible Post title links to source into Custom post template?

Herve said

Does the new version allow the fetch of Google / Feedburner feeds ?

    Guillermo Rauch said

    Absolutely every single feed.

chimala said

Great stuff. This is a life saver.
How about feature to ‘randomize’ from across feed sources?
Is this in this release?
Can’t hardly wait :)

    nskms said

    yes, this would be reaallly nice.

jj said

the sites i’m using wp o matic now are just showing html code …basically making posts unreadable …no images just code

using latest version of wp o matic … and wordpress latest version

what should i do please?

I hope you’re going to change the colour scheme of this page

it’s really depressing to read it on a laptop screen – and making a comment with grey text in a grey box is straining my eyes

    Ed said

    Are you colour blind? I am and I can read it fine on my laptop…

Justin said

Any idea when 1.5 will be available? I noticed something that said it would be around the 15th of March, so just checking…can’t wait!

Andy said

Wow! I can’t wait.. Thank you and more power!

user said

Hello, nice plugin!

But i found some bug in wpomatic.php:
function cacheRemoteImage($url)
$filename = substr(md5(time()), 0, 5) . ‘_’ . basename($url);

if all images are fetched for 1 sec, and basename of images are same plugin cache all images to one, because name is same :)

function cacheRemoteImage($url)
$filename = substr(md5(time().$url), 0, 5) . ‘_’ . basename($url);

    Guillermo Rauch said

    Yea, we’re using uniqid in the new version.

User said

Please also check if file exists already, and better to use wp-content/upload/ folder, and use cached image name from title of post not autogenerated, i think it’s better for SE like google :)

Xanders said

I can’t wait for the new version of the plugin! I’m having a bit of trouble though with the rc4 version. (I believe I tried other versions too with similar results) I can’t run the plugin across any of the 5 sites I have on my vps server. Whenever I add a campaign, it just goes to a blank screen. All other plugins are disabled. Cache directory created and 777. PHP is 5.2.5 , and all other reqs met in simplepie test. Tried using wordpress from 2.3 all the way up to 2.71. Similar blank screen results every time. Running on Firefox 3.0, other browsers have the same problem.

Hoping you can help me with this crazy problem. Thanks!!

Vince said

Will this work with WPMU 2.7?

Want some beta testers? I have some test sites that I’d love to test it on. 2.6 and 2.7

MasterFlash said

Looking forward to this. Do you have a release date yet ?

Mathias said

Will the new version have the ability, to map feed-categories to blog-Tags?

fehim said

firstly thx for these fantastic work!
my biggest problem is duplicate post i saw some solution on the web but they are not really working.

Fehim said

i trying to remove table font and div tags from my feeds contentt like here
i tested following code successfully on my regex editor but failed by wp-o-matic
my code is here
thx for ur advice

nskms said

Hmm, i would love to have an option to disable all html tags from source rss, and delete extra spaces, extra tags and in perfect world- to rewrite text from ALL CAPS to normal. :)
And possibility to save or copy settings trough campaigns.

Claudiu said

I’m trying to remove a phrase from my posts and can’t find a tutorial on how to do this. can I get some help with this please?

Example of phrase I’d like to remove: [[ remove me and my closed tags ]]

Dre said

Hi there!

Great work with what you are doing with wp-o-matic.
I would be great to have a feature, if you can choose Author, for example the author from feed.

Thx for your plugin!

Claudiu said

looking forward to the next release

Boris Papandopulo said

When will 1.5 be released?? I can not wait ….

My current challenge is that the plugin is not automatically updating. I have to do it manually. Is this something I may have done incorrectly in the set up? Please advise.

Jonathan said

I thought it is supposed to be released on 15th March. Where is it?

    Guillermo Rauch said

    I’m currently working on addressing the feedback the betatesters provided. Please be patient :)

    raihan said

    Thanks rauch

holga said

is there a new release date? all my projects are in waiting position cause of the plugin ;) i need it! … yesterday ;)

    Ed said

    me too!

    Raihan said

    me too

    Guillermo Rauch said

    I’ll make the release date public in a few days.

    Ed said


SeoGuru said

I’m waiting 1.5 release and i’m happy to know you are going to make a wp-o-matic website for the users-community. I appreciate it very much.

Please, fix all kind of wp-o-matic multiple post duplicate instances, it’s the biggest bug i can’t fix by myself (all kinda solutions seems to be unuseless, at the moment..).

I love your work.

Dani said

Gille hola: Donde se encuentra un tutorial o video o algo sobre los setting?

    SeoGuru said

    No hay tutorial, pero es muy facil, yo creo. La proxima versiòn serà plus difficil, y tu podrà seguir los consejos in un sitio communitario hecho por esto plugin.

    Sigue Guillermo. Y escusame por mi terribil espanol.

Dominik said

Will the new version allow to keep the original blog post “completely unchanged”? The current release seems to throw away “” tags. I think that’s standard simplepie behaviour – if it isn’t told to leave them intact.

    Guillermo Rauch said

    Yes. There will be a “I trust this feed” checkbox below the feed (among other very useful per-feed options) that disables HTML filtering. This was added in response to the many requests to add flash, javascript, etc coming from the feed.

Dominik said

That should be “object” tag… ;)

drcodiac said


Two issues a client is having that I would like your advice on in RC4.6:

1. Timezone bug – even if the frequency of a feed is short, getCampaigns() improperly excludes it from update, so our cron job is ignored. Q: could this be a desync between PHP and MySQL in the GMT handling? Docs for MySQL UNIX_TIMESTAMP say it converts to UTC. Could wp-o-matic be “double offsetting”?

2. Server load – the client has 17 feed URLs total, and on a recent run the server admin disabled the script because of high server load. The feeds are not excessively high traffic. Q: is there any additional throttling beyond the “max items” setting? What overhead does SimplePIE impose? Any settings there?

We’re looking forward to 1.5, but could use some assistance because RC4.6 is live on the server. Thanks! –drcodiac

    Guillermo Rauch said

    1. This actually is a problem with how WP handles time, which is pretty lame in my view (the useless current_time functions). This problem has been addressed already for 1.5, so it shouldn’t be a concern for end users.

    2. The key is setting them to different frequencies. 17 feeds being processed at the same time can have a great impact on servers. Again, I came up with a very clever method to fix this issue in 1.5, which will mean easier deployment for end users as well

Toby said

Guillermo, I Love it! Thanks.

I installed today and I love it. Thanks. (reiteration :) )

I can’t wait for your new version, when is it releasing?

DickNervous said

Well, I was going to write about a problem I am having and some features I would like to see implemented, but I will wait to see what 1.5 holds since it seems it will be ready very soon.

BTW, I really like this plugin, great job on it and thank you!

Dan said

Will there be the ability to rewrite the actual title efficiently i.e when taking amazon feeds and removing the “tagged as” text?

John doe said

Very nice plugin ! it’s works almost on every feeds.
the only one that seems to be a “bad feed” is a feed from costum google news feed..I hope it’ll we work on the next release. Can’t wait for the day of release :D

WordPress + Wp-o-Matic = Rocks !

John Doe said

I forgot to mention my “little wish list”
I hope there’ll be a filter for a feed that only consist of few words.
such a feed which only consist of of feed title.
for short, we only accept a feed with minimum 160 characters. It’s SEO matters :D , especially for meta description.

Thank you and sorry for ‘duplicate post” :o

gateway said

Will their be an ability to create a “Page” out of an RSS feed, lets say you have 10 items in your RSS, but you want to create static pages instead of posts, will their be a way to do that… ie grab the xml info, images, embed videos, and links

    Guillermo Rauch said

    Currently the the features have been frozen, which means we’re not adding new ones, and just testing and polishing. However, this could be straightforward to add in the feature.

    gateway said

    Thanks… any sneak or open beta coming soon?

Thanks for the brilliant plugin

I hacked some shellcode to generate my own .rss to import but was wondering if there was a forum or similar where dev’s can talk as I’d like to get involved if possible. Am experiencing a bug when importing 700 odd ‘s and it no-long apears to be able to process the ‘s :/

works for same formated file but fewer items… most peculiar

Rgds -david

Moazam said

Is it possible to make thumbnails and add them into custom field so we can call it from theme?

Federico said

Hi Guillermo, I have a question over how fetching process affects the statistics of my website.
For example: I have one feed being processed 4 times a day (I set a cron job with 6 hours interval; is that ok?) with total amount of posts (from feed fetching process) of 40 a day.
How many pages views my website stats service (Webalizer) is going to record from the ONLY fetching/posting process? (for example when I post manually I know adding 1 post requires me to visit 3/4 pages: login WP Dashbord,write post page, submit,logout etc… I know this activity is being recorded in the website stats with 4/5 pages views)

Also, I need a clarification about your reply to ‘drcodiac’ about ‘Server load’ problem. I am worried because I’m launching a portal with 400 feeds with fetching process being called by a Unix cron job. Is it wp-o-matic ok for such large website? I need clarification about your suggestion “The key is setting them to different frequencies…”. Could you add an example with numbers?

Thanks so much again for this great plugin!

sofeng said

When will it release????

Nikko said

Hi Guillermo,
Love the plugin, set it up, configured it, set up a cron job for midnight each day, manually fetched the campaign, worked great brought in the posts from 6 feeds exactly like designed. My problem is the cron and autopost is not working, I checked a few hours ago and it show 2 hours to the next update but it passed without doing anything, just says “Next” now. Can you provide insight, cant figure it out.

    Nicolás Sarbia said

    You probably misconfigured cron…

Jon said

Here’s a question for everyone… anyone ever experienced a white blank page when adding a campaign in admin? Any solutions?

I am very excited to use the new version! Thank you for all of your hard work on this!

blackie said

when will it be released ? aprox .. so I know if I start doing something else in the meantime .. 10x

Moazam said

I found a bug, when you import post with cache images it does not store images in media manager. I believe it should so we can use them later. Please Guillermo reply to me.

gateway said

Do you need a beta tester , I used WordPress MU to host about 30 blogs on my server… would be nice to check compatibility.. im running wordpress mu 2.7

Jonathan said

Can’t wait to see 1.5… Patience is a virtue, that is hard to keep. Hopefully the wait wouldn’t be any longer. Been waiting for it for ages since 1.0RC4-6.

Thanks so much

bebop said

do you think it can be possible to transfor your plugin to be a buddypress plugin

so that buddypress will have a feed aggregator in their buddypress account ?

buddypress uses wpmu2.7.1

    Guillermo Rauch said

    It might not be too hard to do so, but we’ll pay more attention to MU users after the initial launch.

    bebop said

    if you do know a bit of bddypress.
    transforming your plugin which is actually excellent for republish post in just a personal feed reader for bdpress users would be very great

    i hope you will have some time for it to care of wpmu and bdpress uses of your plugin ;)

Matt said

Any chance the new version will have the feature of instead of a new blog post per feed entry, a daily digest of new feed items in one blog entry?

Herve said

Any Status Update ??? Do you need a Beta Tester ?

sean65 said

I’m looking forward to the new release. I’m currently catching some heat from the owner of a feed that I capture because they place their entire post in the feed. I can follow the same logic as in WP’s feed.php which will strip and cut, but then I’m hacking your code.

I hope that one of the 27 other features is a maximum length of post parameter, otherwise I’ll have to hack it.

Unit1 said

Any Status Update

Steph said

I guess the update won’t be out to soon …

ljazs said

wp-o-matic cache is not writable? How do I fix?

Image cache path cache is not writable!

Any suggestions would greatly appreciated
Blog is not Fetching automatically.

    Jon said

    make sure you read the instructions and have the cache subfolder created, and set to 777

Man said

Everyone’s asking when the update will be released … wtf is so hard to answer when the next update will be released ?

L053r1 said

hmm Just one thing, Will the new release have the option to embed videos in posts from video sites like and so on? OR Is there already a method to get that done, then would someone please share it with me?. Currently im using WP-o-Matic 1.0RC4-6.


    Guillermo Rauch said

    There’s currently a way, but WPOM 1.5 definitely makes it easier.

June said

My installation of WP-o-matic is not working at all. I activated the plgin, but when I click on it in settings, nothing shows up. I have a message showing “Please click here to setup and configure WP-o-Matic.”, but when I click it, still nothing shows up.
Anyone know what the problem could be?

Oh, the plugin did not have a cache folder, so I did add it into the main folder and set the permissions to 777, but that did not help.

Really appreciate it if anyone knows the answer!

TonyLopez said

I didn’t see any response on the duplicate posting issue that’s mentioned in any of the comments below. Does that mean that this is not going to be fixed in the new version? It seems that’s one of the biggest problems from all the other WP-omatic forums I’ve been to.

    Guillermo Rauch said

    First, the duplicate posts does not happen in every scenario. In fact, it happens in the minority of cases. Secondly, that’s one of the first bugs we fixed for the upcoming release, whose release date will be announced tomorrow =)

L053r said

Hmm still no release date announced, come on Guillermo at least announce the release date.

    Guillermo Rauch said

    I have. Take a look at I blogged here that the release date would be announced through twitter :)

lot of haters in here about issues… but overall… this plugin kills it… it works very good, granted she’s a little finicky at times but this is the only plugin that does what it does and you can’t complain about that.

Thanks Guillermo for the plugin and can’t wait for the new version. Cheers

Hal said

Having trouble doing replacements with the * in regular expressions.
Can someone please post an example that works.
Thanks much.

Maulkin said

Hey, I’m waiting for the version 1.5, because my main concern now is to get the filtering option: I want to get only post if they are related to some subject, which can be define by keywords. Wich I can’t do right now.

Keep up the good work!

Sonny said

Instead of the FEED URL, can you set it up so people can click to go the the title’s URL — that is, the actually URL of the article found in the feed?

    Sonny said

    Just wanted to add that I think you did a fantastic job, and I, along with many others, can only say how much we appreciate your hard work. I’m looking very forward to the new version! Thanks!!!

Jenyum said

A client of mine is having an issue with this plugin, that when it pulls in a post with no image it still tries to include an image, resulting in a broken image icon on browsers like IE. Any advice on how to fix that? Is it inherent to the plugin or could it have something to do with their setup? If it’s a bug, will it be fixed in the next release?

Any help you could provide would be much appreciated.

I installed the plugin and ran the install, added the following cron to my Go Daddy account:

*/20 * * * * /usr/bin/curl code=4404c14c

I also set the WP-O-Matic timer to 0 0 30 hopeful it would run each 30 minutes.

The manual fetch works just fine, but its not automating.

suggestor said

Feature request: Please add an option to add new post content to existing posts. (This should be an option, not a default feature)

For example, when a new post is pulled in from the RSS feed, its content could be attached as an update to an existing post, instead of creating a new post. (ideally, the updated content should appear before the old content, instead of being appended to the end)

This should be an option that you can select, and then select the post to add future posts to.

Barry said

I installed wp-o-matic on my blog and went to set up my first campaign.

I got the following error message when attempting to add a new category in the campaign set up:

Call to undefined method SimplePie::set_item_limit() in /home/content/b/a/z/baza1955/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/wpomatic.php on line 805

Can anyone help please?

Thank you,


Charles said

Hi Guillermo Rauch,

Your plugin is really awesome. I love it!!

BTW I found few bugs just like everyone and I saw that the 1.5 release is on May 11th.

Today is May 11th let me kn at what time u will be releasing the plugin.


With Regards

    Guillermo Rauch said

    I’m working really hard on the release. Hang in there!

About Guillermo Rauch:

CTO and co-founder of LearnBoost / Cloudup (acquired by Automattic in 2013). Argentine living in SF.