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WP-o-Matic 0.2-beta is out, earlier than expected. The first to test the first uploaded version noticed that adding new feeds wasn’t possible.

Apparently, some part of WP-o-Matic was still working with MagpieRSS instead of the new Simplepie, which resulted in some PHP warnings.

Please refer to WP-o-Matic main post to download the new version. No new features, only small bugfixes so far.


Nightmare said

wordpress 2.1.2 wp-o-matic does not work… nothing works, no error, no warning.

Guillermo Rauch said

Have just downloaded latest WordPress, wpomatic, did a test install and works fine.
Can you describe what exactly does not work? No admin panel? No installation?

Nightmare said

I found the problem!
If I use another language setting ( ex. define (‘WPLANG’,’it_IT’); ) it does not work!

That’s what I got from “add feed” >

Update options does not work too


Guillermo Rauch said

Interesting… I’ll definitely look into it.

I get a Fatal Error when I try to Activate it and it shows 0.1-beta as the version. Is this correct? I am using WP-2.2-bleeding

Gianluca said

Hi Guillermo,

same “Nightmare” problem here, same language setting.

Even if it doesn’t work in italian, thanks for your work Guillermo! :)

Gianluca :)

Tom said

Thanks for the great plug in. Uploaded it, activated it, added a feed, and Voila!

One small thing that may have to do with different settings (and perhaps not wp-o-matic) is that all apostophes come out as code. Currently, I am trying to find a fix for that

Kris said

how do you remove rss feeds?

Vince said


The only way I found to remove an RSS feed entirely is from within your database.

If you have PHPMyAdmin, log in and look for wp_rssfeeds

Click ‘BROWSE” and then delete the feed you need to delete by clicking the ‘X’ next to the feed.

Then back in WP admin, click OPTIONS > WP-o-Matic and you should then see that the feed you deleted is no longer in either ACTIVE or INACTIVE under RSS Feeds.


Big Dog said

How can I set this up so that the name of a different person is published as the author?

Also, the attribute to the original post does not show up.


Kris said

Thank you vince, it does work.

Kris said

Wondering if you’re still working on the script. Seems like the original post has been deleted.

Guillermo Rauch said

Deleted? I see it perfectly, and leaving the project is far from close to my intentions.
Updates are coming soon

any plans on making it wpmu compatible?

nickolas said

Hello, I use WP 2.1.3 with WP-o-Matic 0.2beta
in define (‘WPLANG’, ‘zh_TW’);
cannot add new rss feed

Can help me?

Frank said

Anyone here, who get this to work ?

Guillaume said

yes, it works with other languages ! Add :
header('Content-Type: '.get_bloginfo('html_type').'; charset='.get_bloginfo('charset'));

Guillaume said

Guillermo, you could add the post_date and post_date_gmt with :
$date = $wpdb->escape($item->get_date('Y-m-d H:i:s'));
I’ve done it, it works like a charm ;)

BTW, thanks for this great plugin.
PS: Guillaume is Guillermo in French!

Alex said

Guillaume, i use Italian Language.

Your fix (header(‘Content-Type: ‘.get_bloginfo(‘html_type’).'; charset=’.get_bloginfo(‘charset’));” not resolve problem with “Test Feed” and “Edit”.

If i set “en_US” it’s ok but if i set “it_IT” not works.

Why? :(


Alex said

Guillaume, can you help me?

Alex said

Help me :( :(


seo said

somebody help me, if you have run this wp-o-matic well for wp 2.2, pls email to in .zip format.

PLS HELP ,, mayday…maydayy…….

Jeremy said

I’ve been using WP-O-Matic to create a home page containing all the posts for all my subdirectory blogs. This is all well and good, except that it looks like when posts in the individual blogs are updated or categories are added to them, they are pulled through again with a post date of “right now” (i.e. it doesn’t look like the pubDate xml data is being read. I don’t know if theres any way to address this, but i’d sure like to not have to go in and clean out duplicate posts all the time.

Thanks for your time.

Justin said

Hi all,

I love this product, if I can get all of it working…

I really want the “Include source link in the post” to work properly. I tried the workarounds, but all of them failed.

Please can you assist?


PS: I downloaded WPoM the plugin says it is 0.1 beta… but I downloaded the latest one yesterday. help?

Shage said

still no work on new wp

MD said

A few issues:

– No source link is displaying even when its selected in WP admin.
– Can post in feed categories but they are not showing on the homepage nor are they showing in the mange posts area.
– Can disable feeds but not delete them.

Ideas / suggestions would be great!

Doug said

I can’t get the .2 version to work.

– The zip file says .2 but the plugins page in WP says .1
– The pull now, edit, enable/disbale, test links don’t seem to do anything.
– The interface doesn’t look as described.
– And I don’t see any of the options (like rewrite) that are mentioned on the download page.

dave said

tbh I really think you should release an update so we can actually have a source link to feeds from sites such as the BBC, loads of people want it and you should of fixed this error as a priority fix.

john said

PLEASE. great webomatic, but I need it to display on a separate page from my home age (a page I create) is thee a simple wayu to redirect it? Im surprised you didnt put that in the original version. It seeems obvious.

Thansk for youe immediate reactikon by email

Samuel said


Thank you for the wonderful plugin WP-O-Matic

Quick question…i noticed that when you creates a couple campaigns yuo can pull each manually. Is there a way to pull all feeds at the same time or well one after the other?

Something like a “pull all feeds” button


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